Student Ministry

Growing together.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

About the GCBC student Ministry

The youth program at GCBC provides a place where 6th-12th grade students can come to fellowship, grow in their faith, learn about the Bible, share laughs, and learn about the Savior. Our students are like a family where they care for one another, build friendships, learn to share each others burdens, pray for one another, and create an environment where they can be genuine together. As we “do life” together, we consistently strive to teach and challenge our students in order to create mature Christian men and women by the time they have come up through the student ministry. 

Weekly Meeting times and special events

Weekly Meetings:
Sunday Morning: 9:45 - 10:45.
Sunday Night Group: 4:00-6:00
Special Events:
We go on special Youth Group outings at least once a month. Past events have included beach trips, pool parties, boat trips, bonfires, mini-golf, trampoline parks, lock-ins, progressive dinners, Christmas house parties, bowling, and more! We also attend Summer Camp, and go on other assorted weekend trips several times a year. 

Q&A Section

Q: What is typical Youth Group meeting on Sunday Night like?

A: Generally we begin the night by eating a meal together and having a time of fellowship. This gives students a chance to catch the leadership and their peers up on their week and what’s going on in their lives. Then we move into game time, where we either utilize the large space in our youth building, or the outdoor field for a time of games. After this, we have a time of topical Bible study where we go through series that are pertinent to helping mature the lives of young believers. In all we do, we point the students towards the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus.
Q: What is a  typical Sunday School meeting like?

A: On Sunday Mornings, we dive deeper into more teaching based Bible-Study. There is still plenty of room for discussion and questions, while we use this time to help deepen the student's understanding of their faith. During a recent study, we went through the “basics/foundations of the Christian faith”, showing the students what the Bible says about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, evangelism, apologetics, missions, sin, Christian living, etc. We desire to help students not only understand their faith, but live it out in their daily lives!